A Picasso by Bimri

 Hello fellow readers am here to promote my friend’s book A picasso. This is a book of poems. So to all writers out there show him some love. Thank you


Merry Christmas

Well its that time of the year. To share this time with our loved ones. 

Happy Holidays everyone may you all have a Merry Christmas


The Peak


Looks like an endless journey with no ending

Steps to be made seems so tiring,restless

Things seems to be rocky as tension arise in the air

Wandering if you are able to survive the obstacles

Disappointments, regrets fear seems to control the mind

Stops you from moving forward leaves you two steps behind

Holding yourself back aiming at the bottom instead of the top

Life is full of trials, obstacles makes us stronger,

Aiming for the top makes us reach our full potential.

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Is it really worth it?

worth it.gif

Stop and think for a second on what you are going to do next,

Think wisely, calculate the pros and the cons, and ask yourself “Is it worth it”?

Have you thought it through or are you just rushing for the sake of it?

Do you know that you will be held accountable for your actions?

Are you aware of the consequences such that you are willing to take risks

How important is it that it’s worth all of the risk?

Does it surpass your values?

All in the end it comes to you, the beginning and the end, from where it all started

Is it worth the risk, Is it worth the time, the energy, the mind or is all worthless in the end.

Is it really worth it?

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Suffocating, compressed as it forced to be held inside,

Reluctant to come out as the body shuts the mind,

Flashbacks roam around the mind as the conscious opens the mind

The action taken seem to be reflected

As the expectations seems to be downgraded

As the other side comes out as it blows minds

Leaves mouths wide open filled with wonder,

Mind is no longer in control shown through actions

Control is lost as the body, mind and soul all seem to be lost

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So sweet yet so toxic,

Slowly making you nauseous, killing you slowly

Its very enchanting, dreamy only to drown you

Blinds you as it takes control over you losing sight over everything

Manipulates you as it has the power as it strains you from yourself

Its like a magnet pulling you to the dark leaving you to be destroyed

Its seems to have no harm as it stings you like a snake leaving you lifeless.

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Questions roam across the head

No answers seems to arrive as mind is just plain

Resulting to the body feeling restless, helpless

Mind seems to wander away to a blank space.

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