I am filled with regret cause all i feel is pain and suffering

Am filled with regret wishing it never happened in the first place

Am filled with regret wandering what happened

As it regret plays over my head over and over again

I am filled with regret as nothing is the same

Everything has changed making me filled with regret every single second

I am filled with regret wishing I could have prevented it

Leaving me with a series of past events jumbled up in my head filled with regret Registered & Protected


The Unexpected


Stabbed to the heart unexpected left only to have broken pieces left

Came as shocker as to say life is full of surprises

Hurt to say the least as hope turned to disappointment in a matter of seconds

What was bright now became dull as there was no more light,

Pain isn’t a shocker as it has always lived in the heart

What came as a surprise was hope which was now gone

Being careful wasn’t even thought in the slightest

Letting fate to be judge removing all the doubts and fears

The greatest fear ended up happening expecting the unexpected. Registered & Protected

Piece By Piece


Is it possible to lose piece by piece

Not noticing it vanishing in front of your eyes,

It doesn’t seem real like its all a dream only to be a reality

No signs as it all happens in a flash in a matter of a second,

A part is lost leaving the space to be blank and hollow

The space to fill the pieces lost  is irreplaceable,

No meaning life seems to take a swift turn and a toil

Ending up with no direction as it voids no meaning

Are the ways to revive it as that seems to be the bigger question

Missing pieces making it incomplete to make a perfect masterpiece. Registered & Protected

The Bigger Question?

The Big Question?.gif

Days pass, wind blows as my mind is left blank

As I look and stare at the clear sky, and as I hear the sound of crickets it keeps me sane

Mind is filled with so many questions, fear dwells upon the mind

Past recent events haunt and torments the mind

Looking for to find some piece of sanity, a sense of relief,sense of peace

Emotions are battled within life seems to be taking a toll on me

How long is this gonna last is the bigger question?

Leaving me with so many burning urges to let this feeling  go

The feeling of emptiness,pain, not doing enough

Feelings I cant express to the outside world as it eats me alive every day of my life Registered & Protected

Break Free


Enslaved as a puppet easily blinded slowly weakening you

Holding on to a force that controls your body, mind and soul,

Forces that strain you pulling you down as you give it satisfaction,instead of being in control,

Becoming its blind fool thinking you have nothing to lose, only to be losing you,

Fear controlling and taking over instead of having the courage to conquer it. Registered & Protected

Mother’s Love

mother,s love.gif

I grew in your womb for nine months,

with my bleary vision, your hazel eyes are the first thing In my searching gaze.

You instilled in me the knowledge of right and wrong,

stayed by my side since my birth,

giving unconditional love with no restraint.

Doing your best for me,

even though I may do wrong or fall from your favour,

that ceaseless love and tenderness remains pulsing from your heart.

I feel at ease, knowing i can count on you for anything,

My mother’s love, my safest place, my comfort and my rescue. Registered & Protected