Losing it all

losing it all

My heart aches filled with bitterness pain and sorrow,

My brain can’t think it can’t comprehend on what’s happening,

My body is numb it cant move, can’t feel, can’t heal,

My mind tries to contemplate but cant as there is too much too handle,

The situation is out of control, messy everything is in flames too much heat,

Not having enough oxygen to breathe trying to survive,

Losing it all as everything is in a blur only to be falling on the cold ground.

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4 thoughts on “Losing it all

  1. And then you look within / the heart still beats / not over yet, no / there is life still / losses and gains / are economics / people do not lose / they evolve to gain. Dear Nelly with you, in prayer always. Onward – forward with courage and kindness. 😘


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