Sons of men ready to go to battle dressed in heavy metal hard as a rock

Ready to carry their weapons ready for the battle which is yet near

I saw their outstanding parade as ladies and gentlemen stood shouting we are the champions

As the mothers hold their babies looking for hope for their husbands return with no harm

Sons and daughters prepare the cattle, tents for the field the soldiers yet to camp

As they looked up to them with admiration hoping to be like them someday,

I watched the village in chaos as they helped their heroes knight in shining armour,

As the villagers prepared the soldiers a feast as a reminder of the love of the people.

The day of the battlefield came by so fast like the speed of light for the men to get ready

Soldiers, protectors camped and rested for their strength and courage they yet to face,

The day began as the soldiers faced their enemies ready to prey and studied their weakness

As they fought with skill and passion ready to protect their village against the hands of the villains

The battlefield got heated with blood, sweat and tears leaving the soldiers in failure

The villains took over the land as sounds of cries raised as the people,s hope and dreams had been crashed. Registered & Protected 


5 thoughts on “Battlefield

  1. I really enjoyed the read. I actually felt like I was there enjoying the meal as the proration for battle began. I could feel the hope family members had for their soldiers safe return. You are a terrific writer. Keep up the good work

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