Drifting Away

drifting away.jpg

As all of the waste from the sea drifts away

The beach cleanses the unclean to a safer place

I drift way going to the unknown slowly fading

I drift away to a safer place where my wounds can heal and take the pain away,

Drifting away for a while to find some hope and solitude left in my soul,

Drifting away as I shout out loud as my voice held inside being released to the wild,

Drifting away from the battles of knives and swords where war never seemed to end,

I drift away slowly dying like the leaves turning yellow instead of green as it has passed the age limit

I drift away to the unknown with a new soul as my heart help me discover who I am without the others

Drifting away to a world where its just me, myself and I leaving me to decide whereby the past never me that of a choice

I drift away as all of the past and all of its ties whereby the present leaving me to discover and explore.

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