Roses and Thorns

roses and thorns.jpg

I fell in a pool of roses filled with luxury, sweetness and illusion

I passed through a path of thorns filled with pain and resentment

The smell of roses was ravishing while the bigger picture was dark

The smell of it was intoxicating,fresh, wild leading  you to fall on its trap

The thorns poked as I bled in pain heading towards the road in deep thoughts

The path was rough, muddy and showed me the side I have never seen before ,

I sat and reflected on my journey as the roses were beside me as I walked in a path of thorns

Red and black the colours that come across my mind as one was sweet and the other was sour

Leaving me to decide the taste of my own fate and what was to become of me to the near end. Registered & Protected  UUML-EWJP-S1SK-ENI2


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