Killing me softly

killing me softly.jpg

I mistook your kindness for love,

I mistook your hatred for guilt,

I mistook your happiness for sadness,

As you easily locked your emotions not having a heart to love,

As you killed me softly blinding me from the truth,

Killing me softly slowly dying as you betrayed me without showing any remorse,

As you moved forward leaving me with complete emptiness,

As you took everything I hold dear as you had no fear on what you have done,

Leaving me to pack up the pieces made me see the world in a whole new chapter. Registered & Protected  UUML-EWJP-S1SK-ENI2


16 thoughts on “Killing me softly

  1. That was heartbreaking, but utterly lovely words written by an awesome person. 🙂
    I loved it. Please write more.
    Heartache is a bitter drug. It’s bitter but still, it’s a drug. So humans never stop taking ‘it’.
    Emotional piece, best of luck for your other works. 🙂 ❤


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