Assumptions filled between in the lines as lies seem to crave their minds,

Their bodies are filled with emptiness and darkness unable to see the light of the whole truth,

The stage of their minds seemed to wander instead of focusing on what inside of them,

The key was hidden not wanting to be found while the place it was kept was quite obvious,

Shallow minded not going in to deep moving forward as they did not trace the steps behind,

Conflicts on finding the key to unlock the puzzle was still as mystery,

Moving to the same direction non stop, hidden that was an understatement,

Ignorance and pride made me wonder of how their souls really are,

Easily blinded, manipulated as they were very easy to be swayed to fall on a trap,

I watched them pouring out their hearts out as their foolishness never failed to amuse me,

I watched as they followed  their mind instead of their instincts that came from the heart,

Went door to door questioning and trying to figure out the puzzle as I was on the sidewalks,

They never failed to amuse me on how dumb and foolish they can be as I watched them stumble,

Their offices were filled with squabble while I was equable,

It made me wander of their plans and their attempted success,

Looking at what the world has turned into, thinking of a safer place to hide,

As they tried so hard as it pained me to see myself as the cause of their suffering,

It amused me and made me feel pain as I was hidden and didn’t want to be found,

It brought me back the horrors and nightmares from the past being moved from one place to another,

I was the key to their ending of sorrow as I was the same key to destruction,

A key that can end and destroy their lives, A key that will bring happiness to their hearts,

I looked to the heavens to give me the solution to the problem and a way to move past it,

Then came my answer although this is going to hurt my dear people I can’t go back,

The key was to move forward and never look back and start a new life with hope and solitude,

I watched them with their confused minds as I was the key as it was amongst them all day long.

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One thought on “Hidden

  1. You are deep, and thoughtful–and thought-provoking….your offering reminds me of the expression, “we need to get out of our own way”….in other words, we hold the key to our own happiness, peace, dreams, love etc…it is all there, but we can blind ourselves to what should be evident…just like not seeing the key…like “not seeing the forest for the trees”….at least, that’s how I interpreted what I read…if that is not where you were going with this, I apologize…but, it got me thinking and I am grateful to have been inspired by your post…thanks for sharing 🙂

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