Psychology Study

So guys am doing a study on babies. So the pictures down below is a baby with their eyes open and the other closed. I would like to ask you guys which one you prefer and state the reason why. Please comment it will mean a lot to me.





35 thoughts on “Psychology Study

  1. It’s hard to decide. They both give me pure and unadulterated happiness, pretty much how they are since they haven’t wallowed themselves in the sins of this world, like majority of human beings! But if I must, the awake baby is my choice.

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  2. I love the baby with his eyes open — he seems happier and his eyes fill me with joy. The beautiful shade of blue of his eyes simply resonates with me, and his hidden smile makes me internally cheerful.


  3. I like the baby with eyes open. Her eyes do wonder to me. I see happiness in her eyes as if she has no concerns just like us when we were babies.

    If this is a psychology study, could you also explain the meaning behind each options. I also love psychology and would love to learn about it.

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  4. Its actually hard to decide which one i like the most.They both are full of innocence. The baby with closed eyes is unaware of the negativity of life and is enjoying his sleep. While the other baby with opened eyes is eager to know more about his surroundings and express himself.
    I like both of them.

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  5. eyes closed, i personally think babies are a lot of work and since I am an intern at a hospital i see babies every day and i know the amount of effort and struggle a mother has to take on the baby with eyes closed looks more peaceful, rested and that the mother is resting as well. this was the first thought that struck me.


  6. Eyes closed. Gentle, and absorbent. I imagine babies take away all your hurt when they’re closed eyed; they aren’t distracted by anything and can, therefore, tap into their pure innocence … off of which we can feed.

    Gentle. Closed eyes slow down everything.

    Too much excitement with the eyes open – festive.

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  7. For some reason I prefer the baby with closed eyes. I can’t explain exactly why, but something about it stirs within me an instinctual sort of love and desire to protect and nurture. I think this might have something to do with it appearing more innocent than the other.

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  8. As gorgeous and cheery as those eyes are wide open, I appreciate the image of the child’s eyes CLOSED. To me, I envision what the child could possibly be dreaming or thinking about…. I guess that is my own imagination coming into play. Could he or she be remembering what it was like in the womb? Remembering their previous life? Concentrating on what they’ve seen that day for the first time? Creating their own baby dreams that are mostly filled with clustered colors and simple noises of the living body? I just wonder…. not to mention how peaceful they seem. I love it.

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  9. I like them both. The top one seems like it’s full of life, the one with his eyes closed reminds me of Victorian post mortem photos. I like those sort of morbid photos though. I’m in an extremely happy mood right now so I prefer the top one. 🙂


  10. Eyes open. I felt more connected to the baby and it looked more full of life. However the baby was also smiling, making me smile- so perhaps that reaction was why I chose it.


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