Don’t let People Destroy You.


Haters are gonna hate,

Just like Taylor Swift said “Haters are gonna hate but then I shake it off”.

People are going to try to break you. They are going to make you feel bad about yourself. This will lead to having insecurities and hating yourself. You start crying and wishing the pain to go away but the pain doesn’t. They are still going to intimidate you until you give up.

If people are gong to treat you as if you are nothing. You have to stand firm and be strong. You have to be brave through this situations. You have to learn not to let people get you. You are supposed to stand up and not break.

You have to build yourself a strong wall. An unbreakable wall where no enemies can pass by.

Then they will see you are unbreakable and they will live you alone. You have to realize you are wonderful and if people can’t accept that well that’s their problem. Registered & Protected  UUML-EWJP-S1SK-ENI2


8 thoughts on “Don’t let People Destroy You.

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