Happy Birthday Mom

Since today is my mom’s birthday I decided to write a short poem for her


Dear mother the best mother in the whole world

A mother who’s so loving, gentle,kind and filled with humility

A mother who takes care of their child on sickness and health

A mother who is willing to make sacrifices for her children

A mother who is kind even though you do wrong doings

A mother anyone can ask for.

A mother who listens to you and care for you from birth till now

A mother who manages to bring up a smile even though she’s hurt

A mother who doesn’t want you to suffer

A mother who makes you forget your pain and showers you with love

A mother who does everything.

A mother who is with you through every single step of the way

Dear mother as your celebrating your birthday. I want you to know you have been doing a good job and your still continuing to do so. Happy Birthday mom you are the best mother I could ever wish for.

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