Moving Forward

move forward

Everyone has regrets wishing to of back and fix their problems. I myself wish that I could go back and change my past. As I wish to go back in time I realise there is no going back. The past is past and you have to move forward. You need to understand that things happen for a reason. If you want to live your life with no regrets. You need to use your time wisely and be cautious. Whatever you do has a positive and negative aspect so make sure to make the right decisions. Don’t  panic and jump into conclusions without thinking straight. Be gentle and calm and ask for God’s guidance and wisdom

During this time you need to live at your fullest. Remember to be gentle, calm and wise. If you do all this you will be able to face the challenges. As you face challenges remember that your problems can’t be solved immediately it takes time and patience.

Here are my key points to moving forward

  • Accept the past
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself
  • Remember things happen for a reason
  • Never give up
  • Work Hard
  • Be cautious and wise
  • Ask for God’s guidance through prayers.
  • Go with the flow

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