Trust no one

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You might be wandering why I trust no one. Here is the answer I trust no one but I trust GOD

We trust people because they are good, honest or reliable. As I have trusted people in my life I realized not all of them are good, honest or reliable. They all pretended to be because they wanted something in return and made me believe they were by my side every single second. The truth is not everyone is perfect. I want to have someone I can trust but it’s difficult as you can never rely on anyone. Everyone has hidden agendas. They appear to be sweet, innocent while their hearts is not it appears to be.

As I was trying to find that someone. Guess what I found someone who I can trust and that is God. He listens to me, he cares and loves me. Love that is not fake but unconditional love. Love that comes pure from the heart. He is there for me 24/7.

God is the only one I trust. There is no one I trust in this world but only God.

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2 thoughts on “Trust no one

  1. i also find it hard to trust anyone even loved ones. but at times you gotta learn to trust even that one human, to open up to them, let him/her give you their views and from there decide. as they say no man is an island so you gotta have one. But at the end of it all GOD is the only one who can lead us to greater heights


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