Being Myself



I know that I make mistakes most of the time.
I know am not like others who do the right thing.
They call me clumsy, aggressive, dumb and not good looking
Am called these names.

I am not the perfect girl with good looking appearances and good behavior all the time.
One thing I know am beautiful the way I am and no one can change that.
Me being aggressive as some may call me.
I can say am aggressive because I am able to stand up for myself.
They call it aggressive I call it bravery and courage.

Some call me dumb
They call me dumb not knowing that no one knows everything in this earth
They call me dumb I call myself special. I know that even though I don’t know some of the things people know most.
I have talents of which some may not know.

They call me ugly, not good looking.
Deep inside me I know that am beautiful from the inside and the outside.
Beauty doesn’t count on the outside while it is your character and your kind affection towards others
Am asked why I call myself beautiful because God created me from his image

Am asked why I can’t be like someone they admire
They say that not knowing how special I am.
I may be dumb, clumsy, aggressive and not good looking
I see myself brave, courageous and talented because that is who I am.
Public opinion of who I am doesn’t matter
Being myself is the only that counts. Registered & Protected 


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