From the Ground to the Climax

Once there was a girl named Linda. She was sweet kind and loving. Despite being nice not everyone liked her. Everyone would tell her that she can’t do anything. As she tried to prove them wrong they just laughed at her all day long. Sometimes Linda would ask herself what she did  to deserve this. She cried all day thinking she had done something wrong.

Then one day she said enough is enough. So she took her pen and wrote her thoughts and stories about her life in a pink sparkling journal. She continued doing this every day. One day she decided to go to the park and write about nature. As she was writing a young man came to her and asked her what she was doing. Then she told him she was writing her thoughts on her journal. Then the young man asked Linda if she could read her journal. Linda allowed the young man to read the journal. As he was reading he was shocked and fascinated by her stories. When he finished reading the journal he told Linda she was something special.

After two days Linda never saw the young man again. So Linda decide to go and buy a cup coffee. As she was buying coffee there was a massive huge crowd heading towards her. She tried getting out but the crowd was extremely close to her. As she was trying to leave the shop she saw the young man she met two days ago heading towards her. The young man told her to share her amazing stories with the crowd. So I stood up on top of the table and shared my stories from my journal. As I raised my voice high I felt light and joy in my heart. As I kept on reading the crowd was busy cheering. I finished narrating my stories and went home.

As I walked towards home I realized that every day of my life I have let people put me down but not today. Today I felt something different inside me and this is what she wrote. Yesterday I was from the ground today am in the climax. Registered & Protected  UUML-EWJP-S1SK-ENI2


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