Poem Inspiration

Dare to dream

We wander around looking for answers. answers we never seem to find
Is it that we`re looking in the wrong place or is it that we are blinded by our own greed and selfishness
What have we become. strangers in our own land! Because its true we behave like aliens in our own land whereby we are defined by outsiders instead of defining ourselves and choosing our own path.
We have dreams and goals but we are afraid, we lack courage to accomplish our desires.
Indeed our dreams are scary , we lack courage because the journey is too long…. But A wise man once said a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
Yes together we stand separate we fall.
Step by step together with our lord our God our guide we shall be able to climb the hills of our life we will be more than conquers of our problems and fears and our dreams will be accomplished…… Dare to dream

By, ~N Jean Luc ~


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