Filled with wonder

Sitting on the grass gazing at the sun

Looking at the sun rays filling the sky

As I look up at the sky am filled with joy as the birds fly up high.

Looking at the birds in the sky makes want to laugh and cry.

As I lay down.

My head is facing the sky which is so clear that the only thing present is the clouds

Suddenly I look at the nature around me.

As I look around me am surrounded by flowers.

The flowers are beautiful and their smell just blows me away.

Everything around me is wonderful in a different way.

The birds, the flowers and the sky just fills my heart with wonder Registered & Protected 


7 thoughts on “Filled with wonder

  1. If you have any spoken word recordings of your poetry, I’d love to use them on my internet radio station. Or, if you don’t have the means, let me know which poems I can use, and I will make some recordings for them.

    I’m still gathering content for the station, but within a week or so I should be ready to launch. I’m hoping to to have brief poetry/inspirational intermissions every hour or half hour. Once I have enough content, the station will be open for anyone to listen into, but I will be mostly promoting it around the blogosphere.

    Cheers, and keep up the writing πŸ™‚

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