Tired of lies.

Tired of spies.

Tired of everyone controlling me around.

Tired of people not appreciating me for who I am

Tired of people not opening their eyes

Seeing what is wrong or right.

Tired of people pretending something that they are not.

Tired of people not seeing that they are doing something wrong.

Tired of pretenders acting kind.

While inside their heart they are not but huge liars.

Tired of them getting everything what they want.

Tired of seeing  people having things that they don’t deserve.

Tired of everyone controlling people around.

Not seeing they are making other people feel miserable.

Tired of them acting cool.

While they only look like fools.

Am tired of everything that wrong.

All I want is people to do what is right.

Tired is what I feel right now.

Right is the only thing that makes me happy.

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