A life lesson

In life we meet different people who
Have different personalities. Sometimes we do good things and we never even notice them. Sometimes life can bring us down. For example you plan something so well and in a second your plan is gone. That something you wished for, for your entire life and baam! Gone and at the same time there are something’s which were gone in your life. Sometimes you feel that life sucks sometimes it really does and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes you just wish for something good to happen in your life.

All I am saying I want good things to happen. I want people to cherishing the good memories I had with them. Without that it’s even pointless being with them or even around them. I want people to look up to me and even take me seriously. Without that what am I doing in this earth? All alone, with nothing to do, with nobody being miserable and sad. No that’s not the way someone should live. Everyone and I mean everyone deserves to be happy to have fun.

Don’t let anyone take your chance because this is your moment your time. The time to shine. Show the world what your made of show the world what you can. One advice the world does not revolve around money fame and fortune. All of those are temporary stuff but what is important is love and caring from others. Okay now I seem like a boring psychiatrist telling me what’s wrong with my brain and what I need to do then I start asking myself what he is telling me. Then you realize after a period of time that boring man or woman was actually helping me. Or you may think one of those people who give some boring stories. My point is that you have to make sure that people appreciate you are as a person and for what you stand for. Or what you believe in and your values.

If people don’t appreciate you they will place their beliefs and values into your life. Once you do so you will gradually find yourself adapting new things that do not belong to you to the self. You will start caring what people say. When they complain a little bit about you, you will be sad miserable. The truth is that you are letting people get to you change you. Why let them do that while you have such a wonderful life and bright future ahead of you. I can tell you that many teenagers care about what people thing it all start in high school. It starts with the popular kids then the minority kids. The popular kids will do anything to have attention or be Prom King or Queen. If you don’t believe me you can go to any high school near you.
Good things always happen if you give it time. Have patience and don’t loose hope. Sometimes you think the world is over but it’s really not. You are the one making things worse for not believing in yourself and trusting yourself.

Even me I admit sometimes I cry and I think why am I letting things happen or, why do these stuff happen to me and not someone else. Or what makes those other people so special. Yet you don’t know why their life so amazing why they have such a good life.

Sometimes people will think of hurting themselves or take their life because of the pain. Once you do that you are not helping yourself but hurting yourself. This is because once you do that you would have gained nothing or achieve anything. You will be letting your fear control you. Also encouraging the fear that you are not able to handle situations and get through them.

Well I will guide you to things you need to do with your life.
Here are some tips:
1. Don’t make life complicating
2. Be calm
3. Go with the flow
4. Don’t stress.
5. Have fun
6. Be patient
7. Accept anything that happens
8. Always be grateful for what you have.
9. Live in your on world and enjoy who you are and what you stand for.
10. Put God first in whatever you do.

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