Poetry with, “Miss Nelly Mgendi”


 They say, Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words. They say if you can’t SPEAK  it, WRITE it. Nelly Mgendi is an upcoming female poetess who has over 1000 likes gained from her posts on her word press account. She shares with us what inspired her on becoming a poet and gives us a taste of her poems below. Follow her word press account at: Nelly cherry

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Writing makes me whole so without it I feel incomplete. I can go and on and on, on what inspires me to write.

However, the main thing that inspires me to create poetry are the people. Through people music is created which tends to speak to my soul and inspires me to write.

Through people I get to understand they undergo and also the lessons I learn from it. People not only inspire me…

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In Command


Ignored my heart and went by your wishes

Always dismissed as I tried to speak my mind

Neglecting my needs as I do what you please

Underestimated look down upon and walked over

My head bowed down and followed as I never uttered a single word

Obliged went along through it all enduring the pain every second

How long I thought as my body, mind and soul couldn’t take it no more

Overcame my fear, took charge and stood up

Being passive and obliging to taking charge and control

As I was now in command voicing my thoughts, pushing forward towards change.

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Real Talk: Being Real

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Am just gonna be straight up✋😂😂. Some of us have been contradicting ourselves becoming people pleasers instead of being real.

We have lost sight on who we are and have become the alternate versions of ourselves.

Am not gonna lie to you. At some point in my life i thought doing what people want would make my life happy and easier but that was not the case it was miserable. I started falling apart slowly by slowly and started later onwards rebuilding myself. As I rediscovered myself it was exciting and the journey was a revelation for me and its still is.

Ask yourself who are you outside of the crowd?

You not being real and being fake is going to catch up to you when things go south. So ask yourself what are you going to do then?

Being real can be seen as weakness but one may not know there is power and strength in it.

Being swayed and being fake will lead to your downfall. So if you are not being real who is it that the people dealing with, your alternate ego😂😂.

We lie and not being real. We don’t embrace ourselves afraid of what the world would think

But have you stopped yourself and thought of just being true to yourself and life will be so much simpler

Let us not aim to be perfect and be real,

So stop living double standards and keep it💯.

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Am a puzzle a maze as some may call it

Am not open am private

They cant see the unseen as their eyes are blinded,

Am full of surprises, very unpredictable,

The human’s eye can’t capture the answer

Only one knows the answers as is different from all the others

Others think they know it all,

Little do they know there is one who knows it all

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I see beauty on my scars as they reflect me being a fighter

I see beauty on the unseen because its real rather than the seen,

Brokenness can be seen as a weakness,

I see the beauty in it creating a beautiful masterpiece of art

My body is a reflection of beauty being unique on its own being,

I see the beauty in my imperfections and mistakes because am only human,

As I see beauty being unapologetically myself with my bundles of emotions.

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Good enough


I go an extra mile but its never enough

I weep and cry but its never bothers your mind

I give you everything that I have got but it never softens your heart,

Trying to be patient but all I get is anger and bitterness,

Trying to talk but all I receive is fingers pointed at my direction,

Why do you always do me wrong when it can be solved?

I pour my heart out of my sleeve but its never enough,

I try to be human but all I receive is a heart of steel,

So will I ever be good enough in your eyes and are you even human?

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Real Talk: Words


Words are very powerful they can motivate or destroy. One thing that aggravates me with rage and anger is the after effects a person experiences based on the words used

Think about it when you trash talk someone and downgrade them

How do they feel happy, angry,sad? Do you ever take a step back and wander or do you leave knowing everything is okay

I have experienced my own fair share of words good and bad. I have seen people insecure, breaking down cause of words until it reaches the breaking point the heart can’t take no more

Our voices have power, power to use our words wisely to motivate and inspire. Be careful on what you speak, choose your words wisely

Be able to articulate your voice

But, remember words can affect others negatively or positively

Positively it can motivate

Negatively it can damage a person making them not feel whole again.

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