Inside Scope


My life ain’t all rainbows, hope keeps me up to my toes

Pain, heartbreaks and struggles I unfold it all through words ,as sometimes smiles ain’t enough

My dreams that hasn’t yet come to life 

In my heart I know they will be fulfilled in no time

There are days of sadness, happiness but all those days mould me and teach me a valuable lesson

Who I am, is one who stays true to her truth, unfiltered and strives to aim higher

Life has a funny way of turning things around and I am just here to enjoy the ride living every moment. Registered & Protected


Your Story


Your story can never be defined

No matter how many versions they try to display

You are the only one who can tell it, cause you live it,you breathe it

Don’t give anyone power or leverage against you not to tell

Because you are the only one who can voice it

There may be eyes watching your next step

Watching your every move trying to make you stand down

Don’t be one to fall but one to rise

Don’t be one to be silent but one to speak out

Don’t let anyone tell your story

As you may never know what power it may hold. Registered & Protected



Revived from a shattered spirit to being the bold type

Revived from pain to surviving  the struggles

Revived from the bottom to the peak of the ladder

Revived from the storm and the turbulences to peace and calm

Revived from all the whispers to voicing and standing out

Revived from the horrendous experience aiming in accomplishing my ambitions

Revived from hatred as i deflected their bullets that were thrown at my direction

Revived and reborn not allowing the past to take a toil on me as I reinvent  myself Registered & Protected



They saw me hurting as they mocked my pain,

They took my emotions as a weakness as they showered me with hatred

They took my love for pleasure for their own agendas

They branded me with their misconceptions and judgment

Sharing my fair share of struggle they treaded it lightly

Then again they never took anything seriously

They dismissed me as they kept me on the sidelines

They took my silence as they used their words to overturn the story. Registered & Protected

Got anything you are peeved about 😅😅


Everyone got things they are peeved about so don’t lie and say you ain’t got none, lies 😅

No matter how much you try to be as cool as a cucumber. Even if you try being all calm and collected there are some things just makes you spit fire like a dragon😅😅

One of the things that peeves me are animals. Sorry animal lovers.

Weird but yeah ohh well thats me. I just don’t like them near me or even look at me😅😅

Animals are on the top of my list

Second is when i feel my voice isn’t right

I can literally not sleep, or eat because i know if it ain’t right then i can’t sing and that irritates me that i cant even think straight.

Anyways things we get peeved about tests our patience and how we handle ourselves in those situations

Sometimes we might blow or be cool

It all starts with you and how you react when you get peeved

So are you one who ends up burning in flaming fire that people need to cool you off with some water😅😅

Or are you one to be cool and brush it off💁🏽💁🏽💁🏽

Comment down below on what get’s you peeved.

2LYi Registered & Protected

Errors and Corrections


Making errors is part of the process as there is no perfection

Corrections correct the errors reprimand future mistakes

Through errors there is a lesson learned

Hence correction taken as a precaution in the long run

Errors paving a way for growth and development

Not allowing the errors once made define oneself

Corrections guidance to fixing the past mistakes

Errors made are for moulding and perfecting

Corrections paving way for success and better understanding Registered & Protected