Throughout the 6 years of my journey with poetry it has always been a dream of mine of being an author. I thank God for the vision brought to life and the people who made this to be possible
Atlas the moment has arrived and it is such a pleasure and honour to introduce BADASS my first book.

BADASS which stands for BOLD AND DREAMER AND STRONG SURVIVOR. Hope you have a happy reading whilst you take this journey with me✨

BADASS be available on Amazon, Olympia Publishers website, Ebay,Waterstones, Discover Books, Barnes&Nobles, Foyles and other online bookshops.



Emptiness the void that fills the heart

No sense of direction as it drowns in deep

Soul that was unattached from the body

Mind that lingered outside of reality in sight

As it lurked like a shadow in the darkness

Present yet disconnected from existence

Whilst soul howls like sirens in an emergency

In need of immediate attention and reparation. Registered & Protected


Happiness such a foreign feeling

Peace and freedom long yearned

All strived to have at this new chance at life

New chapter. fresh moments and a new life

Different outlook and different approach

Refusal for past to weigh new chapter down

In preparation against all odds with confidence

Reintroduction and reinvention unapologetically. Registered & Protected


Today I make a vow I bury the ashes of 2020

Acknowledging the lessons without an ounce of regret

Riding solo making  a mark standing on my ground

Today the end of it all, end of history and a new beginning

Leaving the pieces and whatever baggage onto this year

Entering a new year with a clear mind and an open heart

Despite everything that came with 2020 it happened for a reason

2020 opened my eyes and gave me purpose and a second chance. Registered & Protected

A letter to my Freedom

Over the series of events that had occurred its very painful and disheartening

Spiralling out of control taking a huge left turn to all be the harsh painful reality

Despite the chaos breaking free and freedom atlas with no chains held back

Outside of confinement with no restrictions and regulations that were present

The horror from the confinement and the nightmares it to be everlasting daunting

The scars inflicted for it to be everlasting wounded leaving a mark forever eternally

Freedom being a fairytale as the spell being broken and no longer having the power

Freedom having such a deeper meaning as it was once foreign and not ever expected. Registered & Protected