I Feel It All

I feel so alive

I  feel the love

I feel my spirit

I feel my voice 

I feel all the feels

I feel the transition

I feel my mind unfold

I feel the flow of energy

I feel the energy within me

Feeling it all the greatest thing

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It is Worth It.

It doesn’t get easy as it gets harder as the journey continues

As it takes a toll on the brain mentally and the body physically

Requiring  your full attention to achieve and fulfil your ambitions

Thats the road to success battling obstacles in order to make it

There being doubts and second guessing your vision and yourself

Hence your mindset has to be fierce and determined amid the fears

One has to do with all thy might in order for one to see the results

As through it all it is worth it is all part of the whole journey process

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The hate and discouragement shown from others

 Hatred towards dreams and ambitions one envisions

It stings thy heart deeply but it be thy motivator

Drives and pushes unleashing capabilities never seen

Brings a smile of confidence and courage never possessed

Gives the mind a challenge and hence fulfilling whats at hand

Gives thy a nudge and motivation with such determination 

Turning the negativity to creating a vision which be phenomenal

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